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General Questions

Thanks to ETFE technology, which has already proven itself in the professional field, our flexible panels have a lifespan of several decades.
Our solar panels have a 25-year production performance guarantee.
We offer 2 different sizes of solar panels to suit both small and large balconies!

Technical issues

Just like a classic solar panel, our flexible solar panels are sensors made up of photovoltaic cells that convert the sun's radiation into electricity.
The panels are flexible to more than 30°.
Our solar kits are designed to cover almost all of your daytime electricity needs.
Our panels have a yield of 22%, just as much as conventional solar panels.
Thanks to the plug provided in your kit and its application, you can measure your solar electricity production at a given time.
It all depends on your energy needs as well as the space you have where you want to install your solar kit.
Our solar panels are 3 times lighter than conventional panels. A panel weighs about 2 kg.

Installation issues

The installation will only take you a few minutes, you can do it alone without any problem.
With our plug & play system, all you have to do is plug your solar kit into a standard outlet like any other electrical device and you're done. Each panel also has 10 holes along the length and width so you can attach them in landscape or portrait mode.
The connection is done automatically, no need to call a professional. We have designed this turnkey kit to make installation as simple as possible for you.

Delivery issues

You will receive your Sunorado FLEX kit within 30 days.
Yes, we ship internationally.

Weather questions

Like conventional solar panels, our panels depend on the sun's radiation. The important thing here is to capture the sunlight. This is possible even when the sun is not at its maximum “brightness” and there are clouds.
The solar kit is designed to operate in a temperature range of -180 to +150°C. It is mainly made of ETFE, a technology recognized for its resistance and used to cover large buildings.
The solar panels must imperatively be in contact with the sun's rays. Our solar panels are flexible and therefore offer a multitude of installation possibilities. Whether your balcony is long, short, square, round, your solar kit will naturally adapt to it. However, make sure that your balcony is not hidden by obstacles (vegetation, building, etc.)
Our FLEX kit is designed to operate in a temperature range of -180 to +150°C. Clouds are not an obstacle since the solar radiation passes through.
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