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Flexible solar panels for balconies: an ecological, economical and practical solution for producing green energy

Panneaux solaires flexibles pour balcon : une solution écologique, économique et pratique pour produire de l'énergie verte

Solar panels are a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy. They make it possible to produce electricity from sunlight, without emitting greenhouse gases. Today, it is now possible to install solar panels on balconies, thus offering an ecological and practical solution for producing energy.
We owe this solution to our German friends who are now pioneers in this sector. Since the energy crisis, there has been a real democratization of the use of solar panels for balconies and in particular thanks to the German giants We Do Solar or Sun Crafter who have been able to demonstrate engineering by imagining these solutions previously intended for people not wanting to do major renovations. Today in France, Sunorado offers its FLEX kit at a lower cost in order to promote this solution, which is still little known to the general French public.

Light, flexible and resistant solar panels

Flexible solar panels are made from light and flexible materials , such as amorphous silicon, copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) or organic polymer. They are designed to be easily installed on flat or curved surfaces, such as roofs, walls and balconies. They are also very resistant, in particular thanks to the ETFE technology that composes them, known for its robustness . They can therefore withstand high temperatures, bad weather and shocks.

A practical solution for mobile energy supply

These flexible solar panels are ideal for apartments and houses without a roof exposed to the sun. They can be installed on balconies, terraces and south-facing windows, where they can capture sunlight for several hours a day . They can be used to power electronic devices, such as refrigerators, laptops, lamps, fans or televisions.
These are also a practical solution for people who travel frequently. They can be easily carried in a backpack or suitcase, and used to charge electronic devices during camping, hiking, or boating trips.
Solar panels for balconies can be installed in different ways , depending on the available surface and the configuration of the balcony, in about fifteen minutes. Moreover, each panel of the FLEX kit has 10 holes on the length and on the width to allow fixing in landscape mode or in portrait mode according to convenience. It is important to ensure that the solar panels face south and are not shaded by buildings, trees or other obstructions.

Conclusion on balcony solar panels

In summary, flexible solar panels for balconies are an ecological, practical and economical solution to generate energy from the sun . They can be easily installed on balconies, terraces and windows, and used to power electronic devices. These solar panels are also a practical solution for people who travel often and wish to have access to a renewable energy source. If you are interested in balcony panels, there is no need to call a professional, you can easily install them independently. Of course, do not hesitate to contact our customer service for advice and recommendations adapted to your situation.

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